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Did you win a miniature car

Last month's action is closed

And the winners are...

And the winners are...

These are the winners of the miniature car who scored 100% in our new training module:

  • Chris Nixon
  • Craig Duffy
  • Benny De Greve
  • Holger Spindler
  • Stas Kutchenko
  • Radim Kukla
  • Andrei Kharchenko
  • Paul Clubb
  • Сергей Стёпин
  • Max Ischenko
  • James Mukadi
  • Mario Rossi
  • Clint Flower
  • Christian Paranthoên
  • Dirk Bennett
  • Bryan Huser
  • Roberto Ferro
  • Дмитрий Сытник
  • Anna Horkavchuk
  • Micha Van Keer

The next action will be announced soon! Keep a close eye to our Campus website and maybe you are amongst the lucky ones next time!

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